Police Car

Early Intervention Systems (EIS)

Across the United States, a number of law enforcement agencies have struggled to address the issue of police misconduct. Police departments have been called upon to resolve such systemic problems as:

  • Patterns of discriminatory policing

  • Routine use of "unnecessary and unreasonable" force

  • Chronic failure to discipline officers involved in misconduct

  • Erosion of public trust

While some law enforcement agencies have taken it upon themselves to find solutions, others have been prompted to address the situation due to the issuance of Consent Decrees by the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), following DOJ investigations.

It is important that incidents of police misconduct are investigated and addressed. However, it is equally important to establish preventive measures that can reduce the occurrence of such incidents. As such, many law enforcement agencies are turning to a technology solution, the Early Intervention System (EIS), as a tool to aid in preventing inappropriate behavior resulting from undue stress among police officers, and to identify trends relating to training needs, misconduct, or policy concerns that could lead to departmental liability.

Our Early Intervention System Services include:

  • Development of Business Requirements

  • Subject Matter Expertise to architect the solution

  • Creation of Extraction Routines for data analysis

  • Establishment and management of Business Intelligence Reporting

  • Follow-on technical assistance


The Business Value:

  • Increased accountability within the law enforcement agency

  • Enhanced quality of officer supervision

  • Reduction in departmental liability

  • Improved relations between police and the public

  • Officer performance improvement

  • Reduced incidents of misconduct.

  • Improved well-being of officers and their families