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Many experts say driving lasting positive change demands a multi-faceted approach to people, processes, and technology, and Synch-Solutions agrees! However, this is rarely executed in practice. Synch-Solutions has achieved expertise in balancing all three dimensions. By partnering with Synch-Solutions, you will have greater assurance that you will see a significant return on your IT investments.

Focused Solutions to Create Value Throughout Your Business

Synch-Solutions’ service offerings are built around four primary technology solutions:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Organizational Change Management (OCM)
Data Analytics
Program & Project Management

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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation helps organizations reduce costs and streamline enterprise operations by implementing software “bots” to perform repetitive or mundane computer-based tasks. Synch-Solutions will work with your organization to identify the appropriate processes for automation, overcome employee resistance, and develop and implement automations.

Change Management

Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) addresses the “people” side of project delivery. Synch-Solutions focuses on stakeholder engagement, process redesign, training, and communications. This approach enables us to minimize such challenges as low morale, lack of collaboration across functions, and delays in return on investment.

Data Analysts

Data Analytics

Data Analytics solutions present decision-makers with timely information that can help them bring about positive business change. Synch-Solutions will work closely with your organization to determine the business analytics that can best enable you to achieve your organizational and performance goals. We will help you leverage data from multiple sources to deliver key performance indicators, analyze, detect patterns, and provide predictive analytics.

Project Management

Program & Project Management

Synch-Solutions leverages its Program & Project Management acumen to assist our clients in minimizing such challenges as misalignment between IT solutions and business needs, project delays, lack of sponsorship, resource conflicts, and overlapping and redundant projects. Our disciplined methodology incorporates the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide, along with technology best practices.

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