Mission Statement

To deliver business transformation solutions that elevate the value and productivity organizations bring to their community of customers, employees, and stakeholders.


Deliver business transformation solutions


At Synch-Solutions, we are dedicated to Elevating Value. This commitment extends not only to each our clients, but also to the communities in which we live and work. Like so many progressive companies in the world today, we embrace a mission that is broader than the generation of revenues and profits.

We have seen the negative outcomes at companies with purely money-driven cultures, and we are convinced that our culture of corporate citizenship is one of our key success-drivers.

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Successful IT Implementation is where we excel at Synch-Solutions. Our Polaris Methodology is a highly disciplined approach that helps transform organizations by aligning people, processes, and technology. Within this methodology, Synch-Solutions applies technology leadership and best practices, enabling you to reduce risk, optimize business processes, and improve operational performance.

The Synch-Solutions Polaris Methodology is comprised of six unique solution sets employed to align enterprise strategy for optimal business results:

  • Operational Assessment
  • Program Management Office
  • Project Management Execution
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Business Process Optimization (Process)
  • Software Implementation (Technology)

The Synch-Solutions Polaris Methodology incorporates the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide. By applying this proven methodology and integrating best practices across mission-critical operations, we deliver the technology leadership required for ongoing business success.

Why Choose Synch-Solutions?

Synch-Solutions has more than two decades of experience in providing technology driven solutions that elevate the value of our clients to the people and organizations they serve. We meet our clients where they are, and leverage our industry and subject matter expertise in our approach to driving transformational change. Our talented team members have deep domain experience in the industries they serve.

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