Adding business value through value-added resourcing

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Adding business value through value-added resourcing

With variable demand for skills and the cyclical nature of business activity, utilities and government entities often take advantage of value-added resourcing to enable new capabilities, optimize resources, and even improve the customer experience. Offering a full spectrum of benefits, value-added resourcing resonates with diverse groups and provides in-depth knowledge and skills required for organization-wide success.

Future-forward utilities and government entities are investing in their teams and technology to set themselves up for both short-term and long-term success. When these organizations leverage value-added resourcing as a part of their business strategy, strong results will follow.

Utilities and government organizations commonly use value-added resourcing to contract with IT consultants in order to address talent gaps and deliver unique skills for project-based work. Often, it does not make sense for such organizations to hire staff to fulfill all the requirements of a project team, even when a project may be expected to take several years. In such cases, value-added resourcing is the perfect solution, as it can provide experienced team members with the right skillsets for projects of any duration. As an added bonus, such resources can enable the appropriate knowledge transfer at project’s end, enhancing the capabilities of the permanent staff and driving efficient operations going forward.

Here are three key ways value-added resourcing is helping utilities and government entities elevate business value.

1. Competitive Pricing

Several elements must be considered when pricing services and recommending project budgets. Organizations can leverage value-added resourcing to build a flexible pricing structure that can result in lower resource costs than maintaining in-house resources possessing specialized skills. Bringing on IT consultants through value-added resourcing can help organizations capitalize on business value by investing in the best pricing and budget options.

2. Industry & Technology Expertise

For many utilities and government organizations, business worth is highly dependent on the technical and industry knowledge of their team. Adopting cutting-edge technological expertise relevant to your specific industry adds value for customers, employees, and other stakeholders. This can be achieved with the help of IT consultants brought on through value-added resourcing.

Additionally, obtaining expertise in particular fields can increase your organization’s ability to offer proficient knowledge on domain-relevant inquiries. Bringing the right IT consultants on board can expand your organization’s domain expertise to help enhance decision-making and assist in problem-solving.

3. Positive short- and long-term business impact

Value-added resourcing can deliver both short- and long-term advantages to utilities and government entities. Value-added resourcing is a beneficial investment for these organizations to empower their IT teams and systems, helping to address industry and company-wide challenges such as talent gaps, resource costs, and industry and domain expertise.

Through value-added resourcing, expertise can be obtained for efforts of any duration. For short-term efforts, organizations gain by bringing on expert IT consultants who can be immediately productive via value-added resourcing rather than employing a lengthy and costly internal process to hire personnel who will be needed only briefly. Whether IT consultants are used for a short- or long-term engagement, the knowledge transfer that occurs at the end of the engagement can deliver a lasting effect for the organization.

Utilities and government entities often form long-term relationships with providers of value-added resourcing with which they are comfortable. Such relationships give the organizations a trusted source for quality skilled resources, while giving the provider a valued, and often steady, customer.

Whether your organization is planning to invest in value-added resourcing this month or next year, it’s important to understand how this service offering can improve business value for your organization. At Synch-Solutions, our team of IT consultants average at least eight years of experience in their respective fields of expertise delivering value-added resourcing. To learn how our team can immediately impact your utility or government organization, contact us.