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Organizational Change Management: Change Begins with Awareness

In our last Organizational Change Management (OCM) blog post, we promised to break down the individual elements of Prosci’s ADKAR Model, which supports the process of individual change. We’ll start with the first “A,” which stands for Awareness. For individuals, the process of change begins with a clear understanding of why: What is the change?

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Choosing the Right Automation Approach

RPA is a software solution for automating mundane and repetitive computer-based business tasks. By implementing a digital workforce, companies can become more efficient and cut costs while freeing up their employees to focus on more judgement-related tasks. To be successful in setting up an RPA program, the first step on the journey is choosing the

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Manage the Project? Manage the Change? Or Both?


Too often, when the topic of change management comes up, the discussion turns to managing timelines, tasks and budgets, confusing the basics of project management with the true objectives of change management. The concepts are not interchangeable, but they are linked.

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

You have most likely heard the terms “RPA”, “robots”, or “bots” in the news or at work, or have possibly seen articles mentioning these terms. And if you are like most people, you may have wondered, “What exactly is RPA? Is it like Bot Wars on TV?”

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