How Data Analytics Solutions are Transforming Higher Education

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How Data Analytics Solutions are Transforming Higher Education

Higher education institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of data analytics, recognizing it as a driver of organizational success. The role of data analytics in higher education institutions is to provide insight into operations and provide predictive analytics on key operational processes. It’s been found that 80% of institutions agree that they must continue to invest in student success analytics to stay competitive.

Advanced data analytics solutions can transform your operations through benchmarking of student and faculty progress. Informed by benchmarking data, institutional leadership can adjust business strategies to positively impact student and staff retention, the ability to address student needs, and overall productivity within the institution.

Data analytics solutions may drive changes in workplace culture and in some business processes. But it has many proven benefits that can produce a positive impact on your educational institution and increase business value.

Here are some ways data analytics solutions are transforming higher education to optimize operations and drive value:

Optimizes Financial Spending

Nearly three-quarters of higher education institutions faced financial challenges in 2021, and colleges and universities are seeking ways to do more with fewer resources. By leveraging technology and data analytics, your organization can improve student outcomes and help achieve business goals.

Ultimately, data analytics solutions can enable your institution understand its business needs, define use cases, and develop architecture to support your long-term goals and objectives.

Improves Data Governance

It’s no secret that data is sensitive in the higher education sector, as students provide personal information as a part of enrollment. Data analytics solutions can help you foster a protected culture of data-driven decisions, allowing student information to be used securely to leverage insights for growth and optimize efficiency.

process of managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise

Specialized data analytics solutions can use algorithms to monitor data quality across institutional systems. This ability can help higher education institutions ensure that the information being delivered to stakeholders is accurate, trustworthy, and useful to them.

Aligns Leadership Teams

Data analytics solutions provide insights into operations that enable your leadership teams to focus on the right operational issues.

For example, your institution can use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on retention, student learning outcomes, and recruitment to define strategic goals and establish business priorities. Data analytics solutions can also help your institution effectively drive success across finance, human resources, procurement, and daily processes by leveraging important information and real-time insights.

Accelerates Data Processes

Data analytics solutions provide flexibility and support to future reporting, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Using AI to deep dive into data analytics helps uncover information to better support students facing educational, financial, job placement, and other challenges. It also helps optimize resource use, including both personnel and equipment.

If you’re using a legacy solution, data analytics can be useful in addressing specific requirements. One common issue that arises with legacy systems is siloed data, which can hinder effective analysis. Data analytics solutions can easily consolidate data and transfer the relevant information to decision-makers, and can also optimize reporting processes and quality.

Improves Student Outcomes

Data analytics solutions can accelerate your digital transformation and become one of the most valuable tools for improving student and stakeholder outcomes.

By employing data analytics solutions, your higher education institution can effectively elevate student enrollment, retention, and graduation rates, and future-proof the success of these efforts with data-informed solutions. Your institution can leverage data analytics solutions to access predictive and prescriptive analytics to overcome daily challenges and improve student outcomes.

Data analytics solutions can transform the way you work and bring new ways to engage current and prospective students, increase enrollments, and benchmark faculty productivity.

At Synch-Solutions, our expert team can help your educational institution leverage your data and provide predictive analytics for reporting, strategic planning, and decision-making. If you would like to learn more about how our data analytics solutions can benefit your institution, contact us today.