Organizational Change Management


Far too many times, projects don’t meet the organizational stakeholders’ expectations of faster cycle times, lower cost, or higher returns. This is often due to the lack of adoption on the part of key stakeholders and their user base. Failure of an organization to embrace the technologies and solutions implemented to drive toward business objectives can result in such challenges as low morale, lack of collaboration across functions, and delays in return on investment.

Synch-Solutions’ Organizational Change Management services address the human side of project delivery. We focus on stakeholder engagement, process redesign, training, and communications. Our approach to change management is effective in overcoming resistance within the organization and increasing organizational adoption of new systems and their associated business processes.


Our Organizational Change Management Services include:

  • Organizational Productivity & Capability Assessment

  • Organizational Impact Analysis

  • Training Design, Development & Delivery


 The Business Value:

  • Better adherence to project delivery schedule

  • Improved communication across the organization

  • Increased likelihood of achieving desired business outcomes

  • Heightened organizational capability and productivity

  • Greater alignment of employee needs with organizational objectives

  • Strengthened employee commitment

  • Better leveraging of strengths already existing within the organization