Local, State and Federal Government Services

In the face of tightening operating budgets, many government organizations are being called upon to do more, with less. At the same time, governments are, more often than not, constrained by inefficient infrastructures and non-scalable legacy systems that are becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to support due to scarcity of legacy skill sets, growing license and maintenance fees, and lack of integration capacity.

Cities, counties, and states are seeing population changes as people take advantage of increasing choices and mobility. The days of long lines and poor customer service are being replaced with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Mobile Applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Constituents have an expectation, and governments must respond to disruptive technologies, or become less relevant.

We leverage our experience to help guide our clients through the business challenges of system modernizations. Further, we work with them to manage the inevitable culture transformation necessary to achieve both internal and external collaboration through our Organizational Change Management solutions. Our solutions enable government organizations to:

  • Improve inter-agency data sharing

  • Provide self-service options to the public

  • Streamline processes

Synch-Solutions ensures Section 508 compliance for all applications and other products developed, modified, managed, and/or maintained by our team for the Federal Government.


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