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Technology Solutions Delivery

Our clients in Utilities, Government, and Education are experiencing many challenges related to market dynamics and technological obsolescence. Many organizations have not made adequate investments in their technology, business processes, and human capital, weakening their ability to maintain the enterprise. Synch-Solutions has more than two decades of experience in providing technology driven solutions that elevate our clients’ value to the people and organizations they serve. We meet our clients where they are, and leverage our industry and subject matter expertise in our approach to driving transformational change.

Our Technology Solutions Delivery line of business is divided into three practices: Project Delivery Services, Enterprise Solutions, and Industry Solutions.

Project Delivery Services


Our Project Delivery Services include the key activities associated with development and execution of technology projects. Within this practice, we can provide you with the essential components of Program Management, to strategically plan for and oversee execution of multiple projects; Project Management, to enable on-time, on-budget project delivery; and Organizational Change Management, to help your stakeholders adapt to the changes brought about by the adoption of new technologies.

Enterprise Solutions


Synch-Solutions has been implementing Enterprise Solutions for more than twenty years. Our experience spans a wide range of enterprise suites, including Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Synch-Solutions will work with your organization to streamline business processes, implement/upgrade Enterprise applications, and automate processes when doing so will increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our team can develop a custom solution to enable the consolidation, management, and leveraging of data from the various systems across your organization, to provide critical information in a timely manner.


Industry Solutions


Synch-Solutions has developed a set of solutions that are specific to the industries we serve. Our solutions for the Utilities Industry help organizations take full advantage of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support operations management, asset development and management, and other business activities. Within the same industry, Synch-Solutions provides Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) services, to assist utilities in upgrading and maintaining the “smart grid” components that enable two-way communication between utilities and customers. For the field of Law Enforcement, we have developed Early Intervention System (EIS) solutions that leverage data to assist agencies and departments with comprehensive officer wellness, police reform, and performance management — including officer behavioral issues — and in identifying training needs and policy concerns.