Stakeholder Advocacy


The act or process of supporting a cause or proposal, often on behalf of another person, place, or thing. 

Our Stakeholder Advocacy practice was born out of multiple requests from our clients to assist with various technological processes and assets. Our clients articulated several internal challenges they encountered in their quest to gain a return on investments for their stakeholders. In our 20-plus years of experience, Synch-Solutions has consistently been able to assist our clients in maximizing returns from the various IT investments critical to the success of their enterprise. We have assisted with the entire life cycle of technology deployment, from strategy articulation through ongoing support. Our clients have enjoyed having a true partner by their side in the ever-changing world of technology deployment. 

Our Stakeholder Advocacy services and paradigm, supported by our highly effective business model and low operating costs, uniquely positions Synch-Solutions to work with you in ways other firms can’t. Our clients recognize Synch-Solutions as a true partner that operates relentlessly in their best interests in the ever-changing world of technology deployment. 

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