Image by Rachel Woock

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide organizations with such geographically-relevant information as demographics, workforce distribution, customer behavior and satisfaction, and real-time asset monitoring. This information can be leveraged to improve decision-making and help drive efficiencies in day-to-day operations. GIS can help utilities improve many business operations, such as determining infrastructure requirements, identifying vulnerabilities, prioritizing repairs, and managing fleet vehicle assignments.

Synch-Solutions can develop GIS applications to meet your organization’s needs. Our offerings also include development and deployment of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems that enable the integration of data from GIS and multiple other systems. Our GIS EAM solutions can assist your organization in managing the life cycle of assets, leading to cost savings, increased life of assets through timely maintenance, regulatory compliance, and improved quality of customer service. Synch-Solutions can also implement a Data Governance program to rationalize your data across systems, improving data integrity by eliminating duplication and conflicts, and providing a single source of truth to aid your leadership in its decision-making.

Our Geographic Information Systems Services include:

  • Development of Agile Apps to meet business needs

  • Technology Implementations & Upgrades

  • Data Governance, Conversion & Rationalization

  • Development & Delivery of End-User Training


The Business Value:

  • Centralized location for data

  • Real-time access to information

  • Better management of resources and assets

  • Cost savings as a result of increased efficiency

  • Improved facilities planning

  • Regulatory reporting compliance

  • Custom mapping for analysis