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IT Assessment & Optimization

When IT leaders hear the word assessment, they assume a consulting firm wants to measure their people, process or technology.  While that is a good assumption, there is a more productive way of evaluating these categories, which is to examine key components of the organization.  Sure, we can measure response times and service level agreements. But, what about the true metrics that determines the health of an organization? Metrics including stakeholder alignment, user satisfaction, project effectiveness and portfolio management.

Synch-Solutions has a robust solution to analyze vital technical and organizational metrics to uncover and resolve systemic challenges.  We focus on stakeholders - both leaders and users alike- to ensure there is alignment and mutual expectations.  The issues we have discovered range from business process misalignment to organizational engagement and enablement.  Despite the challenge, it is far more productive for an organization to discover these issues as soon as possible.

Our IT Assessment and Optimization Services include:

  • Stakeholder Satisfaction

  • IT Management & Governance

  • IT Security

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • CEO-CIO Alignment

  • Application Portfolio

  • End User Satisfaction

The Business Value:

  • Ensuring stakeholder alignment

  • Understanding and actively managing the portfolio

  • Actively managing user expectations