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Benefits Management 

When senior executives examine whether or not to approve capital IT projects, they are not typically presented with the scope or schedule. They are however, presented with a Business Case, ROI estimates and a Budget.  And, like thousands of IT projects performed every year, the focus quickly shifts to scope, schedule and budget - losing sight of the initial reason why the project was conceived and approved.

This is a common challenge for most CIOs that is continually repeated time, and time again.  Our Benefits Management program is based on developing key metrics associated with the business case and benefits contemplated. Continuously aligning them with project outcomes and performing a post go-live assessment of the benefits realization.

Our Benefits Management Services include:

  • Leadership Engagement

  • Success Definition and Clear Performance Objectives

  • Success Metrics and Targeted Performance

  • Performance Benchmarking

  • Outcome-oriented planning and PMO

  • Organizational Modelling

  • Continuous Improvement Training and Management


The Business Value:

  • Enhanced Return-on-Marketing-Investment