Business Process Optimization

At Synch-Solutions, we’re proud of our numerous business process optimization engagements. We have structured methodology, skilled professionals and over two decades of experience helping organizations streamline their businesses. Business Process Optimization is one of the most critical areas of transformation. Oftentimes, organizations are so change-averse that they fail to take advantage of the inherent business processes imbedded within the application investment, resulting in a reduction in Return on Investment (ROI).

Synch-Solutions helps our clients define processes and re-engineer workflows in areas targeted for operational improvement and cost reductions. Our Six Sigma professionals develop a customized business process transition plan that complements the organization’s people, culture, facilities, and technology. 

Our Business Performance Optimization Services include:

  • Organizational Strategy Articulation

  • Performance Improvement Planning

  • Process Analysis and Design

  • Ongoing Process Management

The Business Value:

  • Ensuring that strategy integrates with operations

  • Reducing labor costs through optimized processes

  • Providing end-to-end visualization