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Creating Sustainable Performance Improvements

Synch-Solutions is a leading management consulting and technology services firm, distinguished by our commitment to delivering enterprise transformation solutions. While we provide a wide variety of services for our clients, our core offerings have been strategically selected to cover areas required to create significant and lasting enterprise change.

Obtaining maximum ROI from enterprise technology requires leveraging the following key solutions, which form the core of Synch-Solutions' management consulting and technology service offerings:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Enterprise Resource Planning solutions automate, standardize and integrate processes, enabling cost-saving efficiencies and informed decisions. The Synch-Solutions Polaris Methodology, which is aligned with the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide, includes predefined tools and templates that deliver cost-saving efficiencies, shorten implementation/upgrade time and ensure success.

  2. Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW)

    Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions enable a holistic view of information by consolidating data from various independent systems into a highly scalable and flexible Data Warehousing architecture. Our experts configure off-the-shelf Business Intelligence systems to present consolidated data in multi-dimensional, real-time and actionable scorecards and dashboards.

  3. Managed Services

    Managed Services offered by Synch-Solutions bring efficiencies to any size organization by providing any level of IT support the client sees fit. Our service levels run the gamut from basic, remote IT monitoring to complex, fully managed services. By engaging Synch-Solutions as a partner to manage commodity services, the client organization can better focus on its core mission, and can leverage the cost reductions and improved service levels achieved through the economies of scale that we bring to bear.

  4. Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management solutions enable efficient management of vast quantities of documents. Storage and document delivery costs are reduced and information access is faster and easier. Synch-Solutions' technology-agnostic solutions are compatible with products from a variety of vendors, to enable elimination of department-centric information silos and to improve collaboration.

We partner with our clients in government, utility, education, healthcare and commercial sectors to design and implement technology solutions that drive toward their strategic goals, enabling them to extract the highest levels of value from IT at the most economical price.

For more information about our Core Services, please download and read our Core Services data sheet or Contact us.

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